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I am retarded, and here is why:

I recieved this email from my bio teacher:

Eden, Why don't you come see me for extra help before I leave on Tues afternoon. I'd like to help you get ready for your test on THurs. I teach AU, CV, DW and GY. Do you have a good time on Monday to meet? PLease email me back and let me know. Mr. CHisholm

I thought, oh how nice, usually it is me who has to take matters into my own hands.

Then...Mr Reiter, my advisor sent me this:

Hi Eden,
Make sure you get some help and direction from Mr. Chisholm in order to do well in the course. Try to speak up more and certainly ask questions when unsre of things. Don't let the term go any further without talking to him. If I can help at my end, come by or let me know. Yours, Mr. R.

That is when I realized I am failing Bio as of now. At least they are trying to help unlike last year with Mr. Gay-Rogers not knowing who I am, and Mr. DiCarlo and Mr. Cosgrove hating me because my dad beat them up....long story I didn't know about until Carleton told it to me.

*Sigh* What a huge mistake my life has been...

Oh, I went to the Deerfield Fair today with my parents. Salim had to stay at school. It was fun. You all missed out.

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