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Well I guess this is growing up.

Well, yesterday and today I went SCUBA diving with Derek.

I found out by looking at his drivers license that he is 32. Hahahahahahaaha. He knew I was going through his wallet, he asked me to. I swear.

Oh my God, he does not act his age.


We were singing to I Will Survive.

When he asked me who sang it, I was like, Donna Summer. And he was really surprised that I knew.

I was the cool kid that day.

Just got back from Club night.

I have no idea what I signed up for.

I just know that I signed up for Republican club and SCUBA club. It turns out, Atlantic Aqua sports is the sponser for Exeter, and Derek is the one who will be coming to the meetings. Indeed. Sweetness.

I am going to be certified this Wednesday if the weather is good! Two dives in one day. Now that is what I'm talking about. Yessssss.
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