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Let the fun commense!

Highlights of Jack's party:
-Scoring 24 points in the game 10 fingers.
-Catching the mouse in the boat for it to then run away.
-Saving everyone's lives for building a wall around the fire pit before Jack's dad brought the gasoline.
-Having Jack's dad drive his car in reverse to the beach for us to listen to music because Bailey's wind-up radio was being retarded.
-Beating Spongebob with a stick for him to then give us candy after he was thoroughly ripped to shreds.

Then after the party, my dad was driving Carleton home as well, and we got into a hustle with a Maine-iac driver. We first saw him unbuckle his seat belt, open his door, and place a McDonald's cup on the road at a stop light. He had just driven out of McDonald's so he had plenty of chances to throw it out then. So we got his license plate just for that. Then, he wanted to pass us in the fast lane because he didn't want to lose his partner in crime, so he started shining his brights on us. We let him go, but shined out brights on him for like, 5 minutes. Then he got behind us in the fast lane, and his buddy was behind us in the slow lane, and they were both shining their brights on us. The loser face passed us just to cut in front of us while we were in the slow lane. So we moved to the fast lane, and the guy started swerving into out lane to try and scare us, luckily, my dad was driving and it didn't really faze him.
By this time, Carleton was having a heart attack in the back of the car, and my dad was driving like he usually does, so I was used to it. It was a very eventful car ride home. And it all started because the guy wanted to pass us. My dad wasn't the one driving like a maniac (no pun intended that time), the other guy was, and if he clipped our car, we would have gone out of control, and I know that he would have hit and run. He is the type of driver to do that. Luckily, we still have his license plate number.
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